Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tapas & Trivia: Cinco!

Oh yeah. I am in BIG trouble if any of my kosher family members found out about this. Like deep jew pride swallowing would occur, but yes - what youre seeing isnt a mirage. I absolutely made Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Matzoh Balls for my 5th Annual Tapas & Trivia party. And they were MIND BLOWINGLY good. It wasn't a theme per say but I also made these delicious round Lemongrass Ginger Pork Meat Lollipops that quenched my thirst for round pork products. Some other interesting things you'll see below we made were - Shawn's Scallion Cheddar Cupcakes with Blue Cheese Frosting and Evie's creation - the Dirty Martini Jello Shot complete with olives and a cute martini glass. Lastly, Vegan Grape & Cucumber Almond Gazpacho with a Plantain Chip. Not pictured was the Black Cherry Sangria which was awesome. If you want any recipes I didnt put here please dont hesitate to ask me.

I haven't blogged in a while for many reasons. 1. My friend Natalie launched Haute Housewife and she's really blowing me out of the water. :) go her! so I thought Id take a break. 2. Ive just been super busy. I was blessed by having two of my bestest friends in the entire world visiting me in the last two weeks (Pam and Evie!) so we were running around trying to see jellyfish at the beach, trying new restaurants and bridesmaids dresses. Also, we're flying to NY tonight for Thanksgiving where we'll be doing ALOT of wedding planning.

Also things I was into while I didnt blog: Eating The Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman, the TV show The Walking Dead on AMC, Gwenyth Paltrow on Glee, (sorry) Sarah Palin's Alaska is sort of good in a I DONT WANT YOU ELECTED WAY, but in a sort of I think you're funny mom way....researching Brooch Bouquet making for my wedding, stalking other weddings online, watching the entirety of Parks & Rec while being sick and Tim & Eric's Awesome Show Live @ the Regency Ballroom.

Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Matzoh Balls.

Recipe: Make a box of matzoh balls according to the side of the box. Refrigerate over night then wrap them in bacon, stick a tooth pick in them and deep fry them in veggie oil until they are crispy. Let them cool and eat away!