Friday, May 29, 2009


While summer may be the month to lose your channel changer (which I notoriously call "the button") - and turn off the TV in exchange for a book or the beach or day drinking - for broke people across America its when we discover TV shows we didn't have time for while LOST and GREYS ANATOMY filled our DVR.

Last night was that such night - where Shawn and I threw caution to the wind, closed our eyes and pressed "order"on our Starz On Demand. It was a lot like going to a fancy restaurant and saying you've always wanted to TRY foie gras - ordering it and chance spending $50 on something you end up hating.

Yeah, alot like that.... only free.

If you have the opportunity to watch STARZ's new show PARTY DOWN you will be more than pleasantly surprised! The cast alone is OUTSTANDING....hello? Ken Marino? Jane Lynch, funnier than she's ever been in her life...and that girl from Mean Girls and that guy from Tell Me You Love Me (they have names, but this is much easier than IMDBing)....

Its follows a catering company through their various parties they are hosting - the ups, the downs, etc - and in 4 episodes I laughed out loud a total of 10 times. 10 times, people! Even 30 Rock, the funniest show on network television only makes me laugh out loud 3 times per ep.

So please - give this baby a chance if you have Starz. I dont know WHO has Starz these days, to be honest I didnt even know WE did til last night...

xoxo, Kate :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Way Back Machine.

There's an old Egyptian saying "To Eat Fried Food Is To Eat Like Kings". I am pretty sure its like well documented and shit in hieroglyphics. Don't question history.

Anyway, over a month ago Shawn and I went out out with our constant eating companions Kris & Darcy to a place in the Mission called Weird Fish. I cant lie - originally these photos were taken and sent to Darcy, presumably to put on her blog ( but as of today they have NOT been published, so I am Indian giving them *Kate! you're a racist!* for my own evils usage.

We ordered: *Fried Pickles. *Fried Calamari. * Fish and Chips, though Kris and Darcy are both vegetarians/vegans so they dined on the tempeh and seitan fried with chips.

I give it an A. I know I always give As. :( but it just WAS that good. this is recommended for people who love anything fried...who are dating vegans or who love basil sangria.
xoxox, Kate :)

Lets Hear it For The Boy!

You must be good to make me like chicken!

In what seemed like a thinly veiled attempt for my boyfriend to make his own appearance on this blog - I came home to a home-cooked dinner! Lucky for him it was delicious enough to make the cut.

I give it an A, and not just because I like boning the chef. I wasn't there for the preparation as I was at 24 Hour Fitness burning off the majority of my previous posts....but I far as I can tell the meal was: Chicken Breasts on the grill, topped with a piece of Swiss cheese and doubly topped with a concoction of Avocado/Crispy Bacon/a dash of Ranch Dressing and Cashews! Side of corn, obviously, too. The only thing I would PERSONALLY have omitted were the cashews....I kept thinking I got more bacon but was disappointed at crunch time.

For a boy from the Midwest, he's got chops. Stay tuned for more meals that make me swoon!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Made Shawn Eat This


I was inspired to create something last night and had always had the bits and pieces floating around in my mind and all I had to do was just add it together! You + Me = Us.

The salad was inspired by the cold cucumber salad from Kabuki Sushi on Sunset & Vine in Los Angeles.

I give it an A-. I loved it but it wasn't enough food for Shawn, so he had a cracker supplement. And then foraged for more food after.

Chili Lemongrass Scallops over cold Sesame Cucumber Rice Noodle Salad.
*2 Cucumbers
*10 Sea Scallops
*1 Package of Thai Kitchen Instant Chili Lemongrass Soup
*Sesame Seeds
*Soy Sauce
*Rice Wine Vinegar.
*Olive Oil/Salt & Pepper.

Boil the noodles plain as directed on package, drain - cool - put in the fridge for later with a little water so they dont stick together.

Peel the cucumbers, then with a knife julienne them so they resemble spaghetti. Toss with 2 dashes of soy and 4 dashes of rice wine vinegar, and 3 dashes of sesame seeds. Put in fridge while finishing preparation.

Toss the scallops with some olive oil, salt and pepper (and a little flour if you want them to brown). Saute them in the pan over medium heat with more olive oil + add the flavor packet from the premade soup mixture. Cook til browned.

Tada! Assemble and sprinkle with more sesame seeds. Pair with a white wine and compliments.

xoxox, Kate :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sake: The Poor Man's Grey Goose.

Who says when you are the visitor to town that you cant host a party!? On Saturday, while in LA Jenny Frog and I hosted a ladies night that was a success! (See Jenny's apple fritters that are borderline martha stewart professional).

My something old was the corn fritters/ricotta/grapes/honey - my something borrowed was the crackers (thanks sunset magazine!) and my something new was a Sake-tini. Instead of mixing per serving, I just threw the following ingredients in a pitcher and called it Japanese Sangria.

*2 Bottles of Sake - cheap is okay.
* Lots of Simple Syrup.
*Two whole lemons, sliced.
*2 cucumbers, sliced

*Make 4 hours prior to serving and serve on ice.

Let sex talk ensue! These drinks really brought out the vibrator talk - amongst other topics were Jon & Kate+8, The Grassy Funeral, Jenny's wedding photos, why people look at photos on Flickr (either you think you're in them, you missed out on something or your ex is in them)...and what the equivalent is for a Bachelor party lap dance for a girl -- I said --- you sit in a room and cute boys give you compliments -- Did you lose weight? You are so smart!

A Tourist In Your Own Home

While in Los Angeles this weekend we took a note from every Travel Channel and Food Network show about the city of angels and checked out Phillipes: The Original for some french dip sandwiches. I gave it an A+!
* Free parking.

*The wait was so long you wished you were at Disneyland where they mark each turn with a minute marker -"10 Minutes to your double dipped beef sandwhiche!" but was very much worth it.

*The beef and the bread were a winning combination of crunchy/sweet/salty/fatty - true comfort food.

*Shawn ate a pickled egg and Meag almost vommed. (see pic above!)

*I ordered chilli and it was great, but I should have added the beans.

Who you callin' chicken?

Bacon, that's who!

While out playing skeeball on Thursday night at The Buckshot (Inner Richmond) I ordered the much advertised bar food favorite Chicken Fried Bacon which came with a side dipper of maple syrup.

I give it a B. While the concept is revolutionary - it was both dry and uninspiring. Dare I say it could have used MORE grease?

My skeeball high score was 380, which is more than I can say for my bowling prowess. Tip: play it off the side and bring more singles than you would a gay strip joint.