Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Made Shawn Eat This


I was inspired to create something last night and had always had the bits and pieces floating around in my mind and all I had to do was just add it together! You + Me = Us.

The salad was inspired by the cold cucumber salad from Kabuki Sushi on Sunset & Vine in Los Angeles.

I give it an A-. I loved it but it wasn't enough food for Shawn, so he had a cracker supplement. And then foraged for more food after.

Chili Lemongrass Scallops over cold Sesame Cucumber Rice Noodle Salad.
*2 Cucumbers
*10 Sea Scallops
*1 Package of Thai Kitchen Instant Chili Lemongrass Soup
*Sesame Seeds
*Soy Sauce
*Rice Wine Vinegar.
*Olive Oil/Salt & Pepper.

Boil the noodles plain as directed on package, drain - cool - put in the fridge for later with a little water so they dont stick together.

Peel the cucumbers, then with a knife julienne them so they resemble spaghetti. Toss with 2 dashes of soy and 4 dashes of rice wine vinegar, and 3 dashes of sesame seeds. Put in fridge while finishing preparation.

Toss the scallops with some olive oil, salt and pepper (and a little flour if you want them to brown). Saute them in the pan over medium heat with more olive oil + add the flavor packet from the premade soup mixture. Cook til browned.

Tada! Assemble and sprinkle with more sesame seeds. Pair with a white wine and compliments.

xoxox, Kate :)

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