Friday, May 29, 2009


While summer may be the month to lose your channel changer (which I notoriously call "the button") - and turn off the TV in exchange for a book or the beach or day drinking - for broke people across America its when we discover TV shows we didn't have time for while LOST and GREYS ANATOMY filled our DVR.

Last night was that such night - where Shawn and I threw caution to the wind, closed our eyes and pressed "order"on our Starz On Demand. It was a lot like going to a fancy restaurant and saying you've always wanted to TRY foie gras - ordering it and chance spending $50 on something you end up hating.

Yeah, alot like that.... only free.

If you have the opportunity to watch STARZ's new show PARTY DOWN you will be more than pleasantly surprised! The cast alone is OUTSTANDING....hello? Ken Marino? Jane Lynch, funnier than she's ever been in her life...and that girl from Mean Girls and that guy from Tell Me You Love Me (they have names, but this is much easier than IMDBing)....

Its follows a catering company through their various parties they are hosting - the ups, the downs, etc - and in 4 episodes I laughed out loud a total of 10 times. 10 times, people! Even 30 Rock, the funniest show on network television only makes me laugh out loud 3 times per ep.

So please - give this baby a chance if you have Starz. I dont know WHO has Starz these days, to be honest I didnt even know WE did til last night...

xoxo, Kate :)

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