Friday, August 30, 2013

Things On My Mind

Summer is for BBC. 

Call The Midwife.
Orphan Black.

Anglophiles unite! When fall TV resumes I will definitely miss teatimes, stiff upper lips and amazingly detailed period dramas.


Why is there a grapefruit but also a grape that is a fruit?
If science asked me my opinion I'd change Grapes = Pre-Wine and Grapefruit = Diet Tart Orange.

Who would play me in a movie?
I have thought about this many times. I havewanted to have an answer ready for that late night drunken conversation.Without thought I would say Mindy Kaling although I know that's overselling myself and one big flaw is that I am not Indian. I assume Indian and Jewish mothers are the same though so that casting would be perfect. If someone else got to her in conversation before me Id' give first refusal rights to Casey Wilson. Maybe even Casey Wilson AS Penny Hearts AS Kate Kugler (Schmieding). SETTLED. No more sleepless nights.

How do stewardesses dump full cups of liquid into the trash bags?
It gives me an insane amount of anxiety when I haven't finished my 2 fingers of diet sprite and they collect my half drank cup right into the trash bag! How!!!? Are they made with space plastic?!

The VMAs caused so much controversy but it gave me one positive: Drake is my new Canadian Jewish Hottie Crush.

I am super into We Transfer for sending files. 
Clearly, this is some important grown up shit.