Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sake: The Poor Man's Grey Goose.

Who says when you are the visitor to town that you cant host a party!? On Saturday, while in LA Jenny Frog and I hosted a ladies night that was a success! (See Jenny's apple fritters that are borderline martha stewart professional).

My something old was the corn fritters/ricotta/grapes/honey - my something borrowed was the crackers (thanks sunset magazine!) and my something new was a Sake-tini. Instead of mixing per serving, I just threw the following ingredients in a pitcher and called it Japanese Sangria.

*2 Bottles of Sake - cheap is okay.
* Lots of Simple Syrup.
*Two whole lemons, sliced.
*2 cucumbers, sliced

*Make 4 hours prior to serving and serve on ice.

Let sex talk ensue! These drinks really brought out the vibrator talk - amongst other topics were Jon & Kate+8, The Grassy Funeral, Jenny's wedding photos, why people look at photos on Flickr (either you think you're in them, you missed out on something or your ex is in them)...and what the equivalent is for a Bachelor party lap dance for a girl -- I said --- you sit in a room and cute boys give you compliments -- Did you lose weight? You are so smart!


  1. i had a blast!
    your puff-pastry/chevre/carmelized-onions app was perfection. i may plagerize them next time.

  2. Beautiful job all around-

    Kate- those tarts blew my mind
    Jenny- I am drooling just thinking of your apple fritters
    Meag, Evie, Pam- well done drinking!