Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Way Back Machine.

There's an old Egyptian saying "To Eat Fried Food Is To Eat Like Kings". I am pretty sure its like well documented and shit in hieroglyphics. Don't question history.

Anyway, over a month ago Shawn and I went out out with our constant eating companions Kris & Darcy to a place in the Mission called Weird Fish. I cant lie - originally these photos were taken and sent to Darcy, presumably to put on her blog ( but as of today they have NOT been published, so I am Indian giving them *Kate! you're a racist!* for my own evils usage.

We ordered: *Fried Pickles. *Fried Calamari. * Fish and Chips, though Kris and Darcy are both vegetarians/vegans so they dined on the tempeh and seitan fried with chips.

I give it an A. I know I always give As. :( but it just WAS that good. this is recommended for people who love anything fried...who are dating vegans or who love basil sangria.
xoxox, Kate :)

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  1. i am glad you gave bloggy life to this meal. it was delicious and people need to know!