Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lets Hear it For The Boy!

You must be good to make me like chicken!

In what seemed like a thinly veiled attempt for my boyfriend to make his own appearance on this blog - I came home to a home-cooked dinner! Lucky for him it was delicious enough to make the cut.

I give it an A, and not just because I like boning the chef. I wasn't there for the preparation as I was at 24 Hour Fitness burning off the majority of my previous posts....but I far as I can tell the meal was: Chicken Breasts on the grill, topped with a piece of Swiss cheese and doubly topped with a concoction of Avocado/Crispy Bacon/a dash of Ranch Dressing and Cashews! Side of corn, obviously, too. The only thing I would PERSONALLY have omitted were the cashews....I kept thinking I got more bacon but was disappointed at crunch time.

For a boy from the Midwest, he's got chops. Stay tuned for more meals that make me swoon!

1 comment:

  1. You forgot the dill!

    That sauce was heavily flavored with fresh dill, which really made it excellent.