Monday, October 3, 2011

The Pilot Prowl

The point of this picture is to let you know: you don't need to put waffle batter in a waffle maker. You can make so many things! I put choco chip cookie dough in and out popped these cookies that LOOK LIKE WAFFLES! Next stop: brownie batter and the infamous Falafel Waffle of internet fame.

Also, I've been on the Pilot Prowl. Every year I watch a few just to see what innovation is out there and uninspired alot of new shows can be. Here's my assessment:

#1 Best Pilot of The Season: Homeland on Showtime. Equal parts suspense and political thriller this show follows a just released POW from the Iraq war who is suspected of being a traitor by Claire Danes. Granted, I have not seen a 2nd episode of this cat and mouse saga but it was the only 1 I left wanting more. The best description of the style is - if you took movie Enemy Of The State and gave it a little Fischer King and then sealed it up with some Three Kings. The only negative is a very subdued Mandy Patinkin. Leave him out.

Best Vehicle Pilot: Cute cute snappy and cute. I think I love this show just for now. I would highly recommend it, I would even QUOTE IT, but how long can the premise last? I can tell from the beginning every episode the plot will go : Jess is funny>but her guy friends are so normal! > oh man they love her anyway. The end. I think it will do what Community did and find a strong calling and like a diviner towards water, find an audience that likes weird shit to happen and cater to it all with their star quarterback, Miss Zeschanel.

The Old Wait And See: Whitney on NBC. I can see why people would like it and I have myself watched 2 episodes so far but I CANNOT GET OVER A LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE LAUGH TRACK. It's sort of vaudevillian to me. Setup: Joke: Setup: Joke: Lesson: Joke : Joke coming from nowhere! :Lesson. I give it a B.

Come Back In A Different Life: 2 Broke Girls on CBS. This show is essentially Zack & Cody's Suite Life only its about adults who arent twins and has R rated jokes. I would vote for this to be stripped of its laugh track, shot in HD, moved to FX and showrun by Louis CK. Otherwise, I call foul on this show.

I dont get it: Suburbgatory. I mean really, I dont get it. It was more of a commentary opening scene of a 90s movie than anything ever lasting. Also, Jeremy Sisto as a dad is wack.

Not For Me But You Can Have It: I dont have a kid, baby humor is lost on me but I am all for equal life-style opportunity comedies. You can have it, Ill let you and even with NO judgement.

And lastly, I havent watched you yet but I am so excited to!

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