Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Platonic Lady Lovin!

I've never really thought that hard about being a woman. I don't feel like a feminist but I think if you were born after 1970 and have a Y chromosome to match your hobo bag - you just are. I've had months where I curse the gods for giving us the crimson tide (clueless references are timeless, thank you) but that's the extent of it. I work hard at my job and I make a good salary, but sometimes I wonder if I were a man - would I be further? Luckily, those thoughts are fleeting.Then there are moments when it's as though you've just woken from a dramatic "ABC prime time hour drama" coma and the disco light of life grabs your optic lobe and you notice there are women inspiring you every day.

These are the women currently inspiring me  (sorry they aren't presidents or entrepreneurs):

Lena Dunham.

Go rent Tiny Furniture, then watch Girls on HBO even though there's only been 2 episodes. The only thing I can say about her is that her writing is whip smart, her comedy is relatable and the characters walk that fine line of commentary and reality. She's the female Louis C.K. She'll definitely be the one to watch. Her success feels like a success for the ladies. "I'm not the ladies" "You are a lady. I'm a lady, she's a lady, you're a lady".

Riki Lindhome
I have been listening to her podcast where she interviews people about their career trajectory. She interviews actors/writers/directors and their path to success. Also, I just think she's fucking hilarious. Also, I really like the opening song to the podcast. Not alot of women pod casters out there!

My Coworkers.
They say what you are looking for is right under your nose half the time and in this case that is a wild understatement. While women are traditionally competitive I have to say in my workplace, as the minority in a man's gaming world - they hold their own. In fact, they flat out rule. I work with so many strong, smart women that I am blessed to learn from the best. Even though our jobs arent the same, we're all under an umbrella of estrogen that unites! Maybe I never tell them enough, but I dont work with 1 female who I wouldn't describe as incredibly intelligent. Above average in ever way! They all lead by example. Hopefully, they feel the same about me :) and if they dont - please reference the above image.


50 Shades Of Grey Lady.
Granted I have no intention of reading this book because I already consider myself a sexually liberated woman and if my mind got any dirtier I'd likely explode like a small condom on a magnum....see what I mean? Not for people like me. However, where there's a need there's something to fill it. That's what she said!! And I am all for the rest of the nation joining me in unison that women are actually more sexually advanced than men. I'm happy to have the majority join me. :) There's room for all!

Stay At Home Moms.
My mom didnt stay home with me and I think I learned a good lesson about being a female and having a career. Lately, I've been seeing a trend of stay at home moms in my friend circle and age groups......the biggest shocker to me is: we even HAVE the choice to CHOOSE to be home. Good for us! We get to choose instead of it being olden times like Downton Abbey where we HAVE to get dressed for dinner and do nothing......wait, that sounds awesome. jk. nevermind - can we NOT choose so we can all stay home? jk that's sad. so many jks I cant tell if I am serious.

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