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And now, back by popular demand - my usual fall tv show round up! Clearly, Popular Demand is actually just four people on my Facebook feed. Enjoy!

The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On the Plain

FACT: Selfies are dead. Don't get me wrong, we are still going to take them and but we're going to outwardly hate on them. They are like talking about your dad's cool new pair of jeans. Eyerolls ensue. So besides calling the show something so painfully over, and besides the fact that the culture doesn't need a thinly veiled Pygmalion --- I kinda liked it. I mean I liked it so much that I watched three episodes and wanted to keep watching.  I adored her hipster neighbors and their rendition of Bad Romance. I always wonder if the hipster humor resonates with anyone who lives outside of a major city? But it hits home with this half hipster. My basic analysis is: it's nothing new and it's playing on a culture moment that's over but it's worth a watch. Doubt it will get renewed.

Are All Women Crazy?


It has all the makings to be my favorite show on television: 1). I worship at the alter of Casey Wilson. True story: I almost paid $300 for her to read me my horoscope over Skype as an indiegogo pledge donation. 2). It's by the creators of Happy Endings, one of my favorite shows of all time. 3). Ken Marino (as none of you remember him from Dawson's Creek The College Years or do remember him in The State) is a comedy god. So then why was the pilot so god-d pilotey? A friend and I were texting back that it had 2 of our least favorite things in a pilot --- a whiny woman who cares too much about getting engaged and a VERY stereotypical "I don't know how to do Yoga" scene. And one of those is a major premise point....I'm going to stick with it out of sheer potential. I laughed a few times and it had some shock value. Did you know you could say "tough titty" on network television?

Mulaney's Mulligan
This is another show I had looked forward to for months, I checked my DVR weeks before I saw the promo. John Mulaney's standup is beyond stellar and I love his manchild persona. He is the better half of my favorite sketch - Too Much Tuna on the Kroll Show. But......I just can't do single camera comedies with laugh tracks. It's so CBS. In the way that Louie did that weird HBO show Lucky Louie before he did his masterpiece on FX, I think this is Mulaney's mulligan. I think we will have to let him try again....I don't know that I will keep watching but if I hear it gets better I will put it back on my radar. Nasim Pedrad is the cutest tho! Elliot Gould would be good if he was the main character's dad but as a random neighbor, he plays no real part....I also give props to Martin Short who is just playing Martin Short but who doesn't want to see that?


Duplassian Pleasure 

TRANSPARENT on Amazon Prime
Okay, Okay, so I only watched one episode of this and it was only this am. I may be speaking too soon but I'm in love!  The cast (Gaby Hoffman! Judith Light!), the writing, the total LAness, the lesbianness. It's just what I've been looking for in a TV show. It's like a more realistic, more fucked up Parenthood. A friend who knows I have a pretty deep seeded Mark Duplass obsession dared to say that Jay Duplass is the new Mark Duplass and sure as hell.....he is. She knows me so well (Pam!) -- I can't wait to devour this on Amazon Prime and may have to take my time and savor every nuance.


Law & Order: Shonda Unit

As far as Shonda Rhimes shows go - this aint Scandal. It's also not anywhere near as good as the first season of Grey's Anatomy but it is......watchable. I say that in the most "okay there's nothing left on my DVR but this and 19 Kids and Counting so this. I choose this" way. I haven't had the moment where all I wanted to do was put down my Candy Crush and focus on it but I have had a great time half watching it. I guess it just takes itself too seriously at times. Although, it is about getting away with murder which is pretty serious.


Get Your Freak On
If you like Tim & Eric Awesome Show you will double down and love this too. It's basically a linear morality show as opposed to mini sketches. If you hate Tim & Eric don't watch this because you will also hate this. Their most recent episode called ROOMMATES about two Los Angeles actor roommates had me simultaneously cheering and cringing and truthfully that's just how I like my shows. I liken Bedtime Stories to a Sour Patch kid: salty, sweet, addictive, gross.


Another Show About Meeting Cristin Milioti 
A-Z on....? no idea.
No way I believe Ben Feldman's character exists on any planet. A good lookin, cool, hip guy who works at a like site and believes in love everlasting. No. Fucking. Way. I work in the epicenter of those aps and those who use those aps and it's not a truth, my friend. I think I will still watch this though because I need a little romance in my tv watching life (and while Mindy Project is still the highest ranking show on my does not deliver on the romance anymore) --


You're The Best!

Don't take my word for it - just watch it and let it's brass humor wash over you in a way that makes you feel good that you're bad just like them. If you don't like this show I don't know that any of my reviews will make any difference to you....because we're not of like mind. Everyone keeps asking me "Who's in it?" and the answer is no one you know or care about today but tomorrow you will care. It's like the cards against humanity show. Although, I have no clue how you do this show past 1 season....but I'm definitely in for the ride.

Here are the shows I plan to watch and review later: OUTLANDER, MANHATTAN, THE AFFAIR, THE KNICK.

Here are shows I never fucking plan to watch ever in a million years: CHRISTELA, JANE THE VIRGIN, NCIS NEW ORLEANS, BAD JUDGE, BLACKISH and GRACEPOINT (all hail Broadchurch).

And to make room for some of these shows, some of the old favorites had to get the heave ho. So this year I decided to send the below to the graveyard.

NASHVILLE. Can't handle the weird performance non-HD camera thing they are doing.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I will pick it up again someday but I may have had my fill of shows with 20 plotpoints.

SONS OF ANARCHY. Spent the whole summer binging to be able to watch the final season and I'm just not ready to take it in on a weekly basis. Saving for next summer.

NEW GIRL. It's lingering and crowding up my DVR for a day where there's nothing to watch but it won't be on a regular basis.

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