Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What A Weekend!

This weekend was especially full filling as it was Shawn's 33rd birthday! What better way to have celebrated than to have a 10th Birthday Bowling/Pizza Party extravaganza? My baby deserves all the yellow cake cupcake, goodie bag & spiderman paper plates in the entire world. As you can see much fun was had at the Classic Bowl in Daly City, CA - although in the history of group bowling I dont think there could have been any outing worse: almost no one over 100, and 8 fouls. At least the bartender was mediocre. And thats a compliment.

The after party continued - where else? The 500 Club. Shawn must have enjoyed the night, as he was speechless at the end. And if you know Shawn - you know what speechless means :) a very hungover Saturday am.

Saturday was a very nice San Francisco day, starting off with brunch at The Squat & Gobble for Melina's birthday followed by a book club outing to see Precious at the Red Vic. I gave Precious an A, though it was not as traumatizing as the book.

Lastly, the highlight of our weekend (except Shawn's birthday, of course!) was the traditional Thai feast at the Micholics. Recently back from their 3 week honeymoon in Thailand they were eager to test their cooking chops. Who better to document the absolute yumminess - but me! Ill tell you this, I am making Tom Yum as soon as possible! So easy.

On the menu:

Ground Pork Fried (non greasy) Spring Rolls

Chicken Tom Yum

Chicken Green Curry

Chicken and Cashew w/Chilis

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