Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Loving

It's been a busy few weeks for my stomach! First I was in Los Angeles for the E3 Video Gaming Conference, then I was in Palm Springs for my bachelorette party and finally I was in Sacramento for the wedding of my dear friends (and Shawn's fellow Waunakee denizen) Marq Spusta and Dawn Wachsmuth. All of this adds up to an insane amount of eating, drinking and the opposite of calorie counting: calorie BINGING! So here I am two months to go and starting strong with my revived diet. I start personal training this week! Hooray. See below some amazing pictures from my journey (food and non food related):

Anyway - it was a beautiful day on Sunday and we needed some healthy food in our bellys to kick start our metabolisms back to life.

Grilled Lemon Basil Salmon with Toasted Walnut, Steamed Squash & Zucchini

This is pretty simple....

Salt & Pepper the fillets and then squeeze a ton of lemon juice on it. Slice the lemons over it and put a few shreds of basil on too! Grill it as usual (salmon is fast but 10-12m tops!).

Then slice the squash and zucchini, toss in a little olive oil then add garlic salt. Make a pouch of foil and throw on the grill - steamed for 10m as well. On the side toast some walnuts and then serve on top of the steamed veggies.

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  1. Hey Kate, what are those pink things on the tablecloth? Friendly mushrooms?