Monday, July 25, 2011

Inspiration Nation

Things I have been into:

Friday Night Lights

It's a rare show that comes along like Friday Night Lights, both genuine and dramatic without a hint of pretentiousness. Granted I am only 1/2 way through the 2nd season but it really catches you with the authentic ebbs and flows of relationships with the backdrop of Texas football. I am fairly new to football (4 years!) so its still captivating to me in that sense and surprisingly doesnt get old. Sexy triangles! Crippling accidents. First kisses, jealousy, being a teenager....what more can you ask for in a network television show? I'm totally hooked and I am taking it slowly to savor it as most of my friends have advised. I want to BE Connie Britton.

China Camp in San Rafael, CA

Our wedding photographer brought us there for part of our engagement shoot. Living in San Francisco there is no shortage of beautiful small spots tucked away on the water to discover. I had never been there but it was a quaint little spot I cant wait to return to. Its perfect with it's old timey buildings, run down boats and apparently warm enough water to swim in. Not too shabby. Photos to come! Thanks so much Sheila!

The Cocktail Menu at Aziza.

I have spent 13 years drinking. The first 4 were mere licks and sips to determine the level of drunkenness that you can pass to be cool at school without crossing the line to "troubled" while also giving you courage to kiss boys at parties. The following 4 were partially (and ironically) spent under the roof of the Wellness Floor at Emerson College where drinking was forbidden not just by the law but by your peers. (I was placed there by accident and they can suck a cheetahs dick except that I found my friends!). I drank alot of Bacardi Limon and Vanilla Vodka. Years 8-11 were merely spent discovering how amazing beer is and from 11-13 its been a delight seeing cocktails mature from your usual vodka soda and cran vodka to something super wild and out there like Arugula Gin Fizz and Almond Margarita. The cocktail menu at Aziza is a revelation!
Here are some samples:

thai chili lemongrass, chartreuse, gin

fennel dill, saffron, black pepper, vodka

tomato harissa, balsamic cherries, tequila

rhubarb vanilla, rose, vodka

Need I say more!?

Anyway! It was a fun weekend. Friday we went to go see Harry Potter and it was great even though I didnt understand alot of it. I think I have alot of Wikipedia reading to do (as opposed to 10,000 pages I would need to read the book....). Then we had some friends over on Saturday for dinner....then Sunday we saw the Brewers take on the Giants and lose. All in all it was fun to be out doing fun things!

I posted a blog earlier this month about this amazing feta/basil and mint mixture I made for a salad and I decided to turn it into an appetizer by cubing watermelon then scooping out the middle and stuffing with the cheese mixture. It got raves that it was refreshing! as well as complex. Super simple prep and also really colorful. I love!

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