Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Simple Simon

San Francisco is notorious for a sunless summer but before we even noticed its given us a summer full of Vitamin D. This past week has been incredibly giving in the "seasons" dept. I even found myself wearing sunglasses inside until 8pm. Can you even imagine!?

We spent Friday night grilling at our friend's Adam & Melissa and Adam is a master of grilling. There is no one I know who does it better! Honestly, it chars in the right place, leaks juices in the right places and looks the part. He will love that I pumped him up in this category but the truth is - it's not bragging if its true. We also went and tried out Nopalito which was amazing !

Because we spent so much time trying to save money this weekend (we wish we had been at High Sierra Music Festival) - we watched alot of movies. Or at least I did. reviews coming soon on: Iron Man 2, The Adjustment Bureau, Let Me In and Letters To Juliet.

Anyhow! As you may know I am obsesssssssed with this cafe in SOMA called Darwin. I eat there 3x a week. This salad had inspiration drawn from a salad I have had there often but I took it, twisted it and then gave it a better fruit: Mint & Basil Feta Salad with Plum and Arugula. They usually use Cantaloupe but its nothing spectacular - so I subbed plums.

The real star of this salad is the Mint & Basil feta. It's light and tastes like a garden. I like eating gardens.

a bunch of basil
a bunch of mint
juice of a lemon
1/4 cup Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
(put it in a food processor and pulse til chopped!)
mix it with 1 cup of crumbled Feta.
Pair with a diced plum and arugula.

Serve as a salad!

I like to toss with more lemon juice at the end before serving.

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