Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where To Start?

So many places to start my friends! Its been the craziest two weeks I think Ive had my whole life. Between work, going to mexico and...............getting engaged! Its been absolute madness.

As most of you know Shawn proposed to me two Sunday's ago on a beautiful surprise champagne brunch cruise around the San Francicso bay. It was the most beautiful day I can remember since the fall. The sun was shining, the champs were flowing and the cruise pianist was cheesy as ever. I had no idea this was coming, so it was for sure a 100% (well maybe like 70%) surprise.

I just wanted to thank all of my friends and family who have supported us when we were crazy to be long distance for a year, and nuts enough to move in together in SF - and just crazy people in general (clearly made for each other!). Now lets get this PARTY PLANNING STARTED!

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