Friday, June 25, 2010

Fatty Mc Fatterson.

When we went camping in big sur a few weeks ago I made corn bread for the Saturday night meal that was bland and subpar. I dont know if I blame it on it being in the car for 2 days while it hit 100 degrees or my own terrible baking skillz - but it was not my finest moment.

Luckily! Huzzah! I had a chance to redeem my cornbread cookery last night in the heart of Knob Hill at a potluck dinner party. Shawn's coworkers Brigid and Brad invited us and a few others over for Vegan chili and it was amazingly delicious. I hit a home-run, people.

I WILL NEVER MAKE UN-VEGAN CORNBREAD AGAIN! and I am going to tell you RIGHT NOW THE secret --- the usual egg substitute and veggie oil - but -drumroll - instead of using regular soymilk as the milk sub I used SOY COFFEE CREAMER!

..............and thats the moment everyone can use to reassure themselves the title of this blog (fat ass) is still aptly named. Bam.

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