Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Wonderland.

This picturesque view from our apartment last night sets a serene scene at the top of Noe Valley, but dont let that fool you friends - this weekend was an amazingly crazy San Francisco weekend that included:

A date with Shawn after work on Friday that included a post work quick dinner at Out the Door (the poor mans Slanted Door). We shared the dungeness crab cellophane noodles and the pork buns and even though it was super $$ even for splitting - it was great vietnamese food. Damn I love the Westfield Mall food court. (Here AND in LA).....

Then we saw Toy Story 3 was just a knock out of the park! See it. Best movie so far this summer - youll laugh, youll cry - youll thank the lords Pixar and Disney are still talking.

Then Saturday was a fun day - we went to go see the Red Sox versus the Giants with Kris and Darce during inter league play. If you look close enough you can see the ballpark in my sunglasses. They won, it was sunny - and I resigned myself to ONLY eating the the nachos and NOT overeating! Bless my heart.

Then we saw Steve Earle at the Great American Music Hall who was pretty rocking but we got there late due to the game and pride closing Market street and not being early bird specials like the other hippie Berkeley freaks - so we had to stand.

The BEST find of the weekend was brunch at this place called Pomelo on Church and 30th in Noe Valley. As you can see on your left I had 3 corn cakes filled with various brunchy things: beef with plantains and black beans, 1 with an egg and ranchero curry sauce and 1 with potatoes.

I am onto you Pomelo. We WILL meet again...Shawn had banana french toast with Coconut Syrup and Hazelnuts.

We ended the weekend with a hot afternoon game of Yahtzee and BBQ with our Noe Valley neighbors The Micholics. I have to say the meal was simple and divine and their wine club has reinforced my love for Rose.

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