Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turkey Lurkey.

Ahhhh - its been a while comrades. The blog has been taking a back burner to some amazing times in REAL LIFE. Oh you know, that thing you wake up every day for? We've really been burning the candle at both ends on our weekends (money wise and energy wise) - which has brought a Post July 9th moratorium on traveling for the summer. No more trips for us! Here's just a small update on what we've been up to:...

Camping in Big Sur with our besties Jenny and Aaron from Los Angeles. Its such a paradise there, no question. We had perfect weather, perfect eats! Minus the fact that I had a grand idea of making sweet potatoes with brown sugar over the fire but a. I think I mistakenly bought parsnips and also they caught on fire and burned. I was embarrassed because I wanted to cook an amazing meal for my friends :( but - they love me anyway! My one camping observation for the weekend was: why is it so full filling to throw a rock in the water? People have done it for thousands of years and I am not sure WHY! There's not really a pay off but I love it!

Fabulous Weekend in Los Angeles with the most delightful friends a girl could ask for. I went down there to say goodbye to my girl Meagan and send her off drunken formosa style but what I got in return was a surprise engagement party at Coach and Horses and a lovely bridal brunch afternoon tea with the girls. Honestly, I am so blessed. Sad to think Los Angeles will never be the same again --- waa waaa.

.............and that brings me to my recipe! Shawn and I battled and to be honest he's the one who put this lovely concoction in a lettuce taco - I ate my own separate - in a bowl like a cozy chili. We were just looking for a quick meal to eat post-gym and this really hit the spot.

Quick Turkey Lettuce Tacos
1lb of ground turkey
1/2 can of corn
1/2 can of cannellini beans
whole can of diced tomatoes
1 onion, diced
2 cloves of garlic, sliced
2 tablespoons Cilantro or cilantro/mexican paste (I know, weird but we had it on hand!)
dash of cumin
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Butter lettuce for tacos!

Step One: Over medium heat cook onions and olive oil till soft. Add garlic and turkey and cook for 7 minutes until browned, stirring so turkey cooks evenly. Once browned add beans, corn, tomatoes and cilantro and cumin and let cook another 7 minutes covered. If you dont like it soupy dont cover it so the juices reduce.

Step Two: Put it in lettuce and eat it like a taco, son!

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