Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuna Tuna Tuna Has Done It Again

Its been nice being back in SF with the knowledge we wont be going anywhere for a while. We had a great weekend camping and boating up in Clear Lake with our friend Kris & Darcy and Abby & Jim. Because Kris and Darcy are vegans and Abby and Jim are newly pescaterians it wasnt TOO unhealthy a weekend of camping. Unless you count Darcys amazing homemade bagels, I mean. We need a jew in SF to make the bagels - its just how it goes.

I just hit the gym hella hard Monday and Tuesday and made up a killer 30m workout on the spin bike to the Glee soundtrack. Faithfully makes a great seated climb and Halo/Walking On Sunshine motivated an insane seated/2nd/3rd set. Yeah! I like when I am motivated to go to the gym because pictures of me in a bathing suit from this camping trip were HORRENDOUS.

WHICCCCH then prompted this lovely salad last night after the gym - Grilled Sesame Tuna Salad with Chickpeas and Avocado.

(Ps. this is based on a dish once served to us by Michael Micholic - only I added chickpeas and lettuce!).

Since its a salad, there are no real directions. I just quickly marinated the tuna with splashes of olive oil, lemon, sesame seeds, sesame oil, sriracha, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. Shawn put it on the grill so the middle was still rare and it just fell apart - we froze it to cool it down and then tossed it with some lettuce, avocado and red onions and chickpeas and ate our healthy faces off!

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