Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mango Madness

This is going to be a JUST TRUST ME entry. I made major mistakes on this dish but there was a shining star amidst the failures: the Spicy-Mango Peach Salsa. Have I ever let you down? (Okay, yes I used to eat peanut butter on kosher salami growing up and I absolutely adore fake cheez even out of an industrial can...) but that being said - trust in ME the way you trusted in Bill Clinton to run the country even though he had an affair. Our shortcomings are unrelated to the situation at hand and we WILL prevail. Wait wha?

We have entrusted our wedding website to only the finest, the creme de la creme of the interwebs: Roy Creative. (Also known as our friend Roy). We have traded him 5 free meals to get it started for us at Schmuglers.com. Dont go there, there's nothing there yet. DONT TURN THE PAGE! Oh wait, thats a Sesame Street book called The Monster At The End of The Book. This weeks random memory was brought to you by my weird brain. Anyhow! Shawn made his carnitas and I set out to make Cornmeal Crusted Scallops with Spicy Mango-Peach Salsa. The scallops were expensive and shitty. I didnt cook them at the correct temp and they never crisped up and by the time I decided to broil them they were overdone, tough and ugly. Wa.

My last mistake was serving this dish on an orange platter so you couldnt see how beautiful it was. Dang it inartistic idiot!

Spicy Mango-Peach Salsa
2 Peaches
2 Mangoes (e or no e?) 1 diced, 1 pulpy!
1 Anaheim Pepper
1 tomato, diced
1/3 cup diced onion
2 cloves of garlic
salt & pepper
1 dash of sriracha
2/3 cup water

Step One: I peeled the peaches and used 1/2 the diced anaheim peppers and boiled them with 2/3rds cup of water and garlic until pulpy. Then I put the mixture in the food processor so it was liquified.

Step Two: Combine this mixture with the other half of the chopped peppers, onions, tomatoes, and the diced mango and the pulpy mango. Add siracha and salt and pepper to taste!

Step Three: Refridgerate for at LEAST 1 hour.

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