Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jumpin Japantown.

I freaking love Japanese food. That is an understatement - I could roll around and bathe in Japanese cuisine. Salty soy, sexy sake, umami, unagi, edamame - you name it, I adore it. Living in San Francisco I decided it was high time to hit the streets of Japantown and marvel in the discoveries I had yet to taste. I convinced a few friends (which turned into more than a few friends!) into accompanying myself to dinner last saturday night. We actually didnt end up going to more than one place for food (as we ended up getting a little tipsy!) - but I did sample some of Japantown's finest at Yoshi's, courtesy of Bar Mistress Leslie.

Most excellent was the Lobster Trio on the small plates menu. There werent 3 lobsters so dont let the word trio confuse you - but the highlight was the fried calamari steak stick. Not chewy, not mealy, perfectly cooked and not extra greasy. Also deserving of an honorable mention was the crispy pork belly with cabbage salad. Id eat you again! Shawn wouldnt. but I would. Dont get your feelings too hurt.

We moved on in the evening to bar hopping with a smaller crew and holy jeebus was Japantown an underworld deserved of a documentary movie on drug/women trafficking. The first place we went was called "Dimples" (no relation to the karaoke joint in Burbank) - A. You could smoke inside. Weird? B. They served under the table fish jerk with a side of peanuts (see below) - and C. There was most definitely a prostitution vibe coming from the backrooms. Private, duct taped doors shut, $100 covers to go back there. I founf it all incredibly sketchy even though I support the legalization of prostitution. The second place was no better but did provide skinny cigarettes to smoke for freeeees!

All in all it was super successful and I cant wait to go back and eat more wacky things in the Japantown Mall. Ramen and Udon oh my!

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