Monday, August 30, 2010

Your Personality: In A Kebab.

Over the weekend we celebrated our 3rd camping trip of the summer with our good friends The Micholics and Nickie and Ezra in Gualala Point, CA up the Sonoma Coast into Mendocino where the Russian River meets the ocean. It was fun! And cold. And carsicky - but it was a gem of a campsite and for a camping trip, pretty relaxing. We have 1 more trip at the beginning of October to close out the season on a high note back to Kirk Creek where it all started earlier this year. Im a pro now! We just need a new tent and we'd be in super duper business.

We were in charge of the Saturday night dinner and Shawn and I discussed making kebabs to reflect both of our friends personalities. That way, even though it was as simple as a kebab - it had some significance. Maybe the explanations were a stretch but they seemed like good fits, regardless.

The Michael & Natalie: Minted Lamb, Eggplant & Red Onion Kebab: For these we just put some olive into a bowl, added minced mint with salt and pepper, whisked - and let the lamb & eggplant marinate while we prepared the other ones. The rational behind it was they are a little more off the beaten trail than a steak or a beef and the Mediterranean genre is well liked by them - hence their good restaurant reco - Morac on 16th.

The Nickie & Ezra: Basil Haloumi Cheese with Pineapple, Cherry Tomato and Onion.

For this one we marinated the cheese in olive oil and chopped up basil. Not much else to do but put it on a stick and get her grillin!

Nickie & Ezra are traditionally veggies so I thought this was a great representation of them as a couple: simply sweet and a little bit salty (read sassy).

If you havent had haloumi cheese its my new favorite! Not quite a feta, but consistency of a queso fresco, you can get this cheese at any greek restaurant or at Whole Foods.

The Schmuglers: Whiskey Mustard Shrimp with Sweet Summer Peaches.

Not as exciting as the others as we just combined a whiskey mustard we found at whole foods with some salt, olive oil and lemon juice - they were a hit!

I regret not sprinkling some brown sugar on the peaches though. That would have been key.

I chose this southern comfort kebab as its the theme to our impending nuptials.

There were also a few other highlights & fails to the weekend (food and non food related):

WINNER: Natalie's Fig & Lime Jam and her homemade Dill & Avocado Dressing.

LOSER: My Wheat Oatmeal Banana Blueberry Muffins that I forgot the baking powder in and were too dense to enjoy.

WINNER: Nickie's amazing toasted bread with brie and garlic. Not for the slight of taste buds, that garlic was strong! Also, some wild berries were enjoyed!

WINNER: Post camping breakfast where we enjoyed breakfast papusas!

WINNER: Two excellent additions to the game Kings. 3 is now for GLEE which means you have to sing a line of a song and whoever guesses it first gives out a drink and 5 is for JIVE and you have to do a little jig.

LOSER/WINNER: When I got home I watched the Emmys and that dude from the Big Bang Theory won best actor in a comedy. That makes no sense. GO BREAKING BAD!

WINNER: Shawn because he is cute. :)

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