Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 Days Of Fun!

Hello and Happy Post Labor Day, my lovelies. What an amazing difference 1 day makes! I actually feel rested even though the weekend provided many adventures and two different hotels. I feel 1 long weekend a month would ensure all motivation at work to be genuine. It would surely take the edge off those late nights and hard to navigate personalities that make work days insufferable and unrewarding. Who should I tell this to? Obama? Or maybe Oprah.

Friday: held a half day at work and because Shawn and I didnt have to rush out of town to a wedding, camping or to meet friends we decided to go to the movies to see Going The Distance. It was sort of a full filling movie for no other reason that on the anniversary of 1 year til our wedding it was the entire story of our relationship the 1st year. Then we saw The Last Exorcism. I recommend BOTH movies unless you like good endings. Then dont see it - the first 2/3rds or each are excellent, tho. We then went to Pagaloc for the 7 Courses Of Beef (carpaccio, boiled in vinegar, bbqd on a rock, wrapped in onion, sausage and soup!).

Saturday: We got 20 Save The Dates done! Also, we had the opportunity to spend our -1 year anniversary at Cavallo Point located directly underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Awesome time! We had dinner at the Farley Bar inside and it was delicious! We had an epic Pork reiette with a homemade pork rind. Crunchy, greasy and perfectly melty in my mouth.

Sunday: We drove to Fresno to meet up with Shawn's friends Peter & Dana and their lovely daughter Annabelle (sp!?) --- the drive was amazing. We had to turn lemons into lemon aid (shawns car broke down so we rented a car) that HAD SIRIUS radio which can only mean 1 thing: 90s STATIONS FOR 3 HOURS!!.Ah, I was in heaven with SWV and Shawn Colvin. I think we need to have all 90s at our wedding rehearsal kickball game. We also swam at night, which I love - in the Marriot hotel. Thats summer!

Monday: We came back and enjoyed the sun and front porch playing some scrabble. I won. Then we went over to the Micholics for dinner/draft/mad men and I made these killer burgers a friend once made.

Chopped Date & Camembert Burgers
w/ Sriracha Onions

1 lb Ground Beef
1/2 cup basil, chopped.
1 tablespoon of minced garlic.
1 package of Camembert cheese (or blue cheese!)
1/2 cup chopped dates
1 egg
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
1/2 cup chopped onions
salt, pepper
For onions:
1 white onion
1 squirt of Sriracha
Olive Oil
Step One: Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Make into patties (makes 5!) -put em on the grill.

Step Two: Meanwhile, saute onions over medium heat with hot sauce until your preferred softness.

And in Jon Stewart's words - "your moment of zen" - Shawn molesting figaro!

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