Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lamb Larb

The same way that non practicing but "fully vested by their moms lineage" jews always say they don't like pork, I always said I didnt like lamb. I thought I had a minor moral opposition to it, but I have discovered it was just because I had never had it. It turns out, I so don't have an issue with this lovely protein. I adore it!

Here are all of the other things I have adamantly claimed to hate that I eventually had to admit I liked:

1. Camping.
2. Gold Jewelry.
3. Animated Movies.
4. Season 2 of Friday Night Lights. I liked the murder plot. There! I said it!
5. Justin Bieber.
6. Wearing scarves indoors.
7. Swimming in lakes.
8. Matching the color of your polish on your toes and fingers.
9. Iphones.
10. Football.

Luckily, I still dont like phish and celery. Some things are sacredly hated.

Disclaimer: I am only currently sold on lamb in it's ground state, vindaloo and shwarma . I have not met a lamb chop that has made me sing it's praises - but as they say, there is always room to grow. My favorite thing so far about COOKING lamb is that it doesnt need a ton of seasoning to shine, like a well aged under-make-up'd celebrity. I'm looking at you Helen Mirren. Chicken and fish are only as good as their cook. Lamb you could sort of forget about half the recipe and its still delish!

Anyway, I made up this recipe and I QUITE like it. I based it on the traditional Thai dish LARB which contains peanuts and chicken and lime but substitutes lamb, pistachios and lemon. the greek is inspired by the planning of our delayed honeymoon to Greece.

- a pound of ground lamb
- 1 cup of chopped onions
- 3 heads of garlic
- minced parsley
-greek spices (oregano, dill, chives).
-1 lemon, juiced
-1/2 cup pistachios shelled and ground in the food processor.

Over medium, sautee your onions then brown the lamb. toss in your garlic, parsley and spices. once cooked fold in the pistachios and squeeze your lemon. Serve with avo and a pita!

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  1. When you come to France, your love for lamb in all forms will be fully cemented. It is absolutely my favorite protein here!