Monday, July 6, 2009

Battle Of The Bengali.

Two Indian Eateries. One Weekend. Forty Dollars - Who will win!?

This weekend Shawn and I tried two new restaurants and coincidentally - they were both Indian restaurants we'd been meaning to try. On Friday, we ate at Pakwan in The Mission and on Sunday we ordered from Zante's in the Outer Mission for delivery. None of them perhaps stood up to Great India in the Sunset, but who can?

I give Pakwan a B -. (sorry, Abby).

A. This is just a personal preference but when I eat somewhere and you order at the counter and they serve you at your table with a number (ala Alcove, in LA) - it makes me super angsty and nervous when my eyes dart around and there are no open seats in sight. Panic ensues. I just dont like that in a dining experience.

B. Accidentally, Shawn let me order Palak Paneer forgetting he hates spinach with a passion so he was sad we couldnt share meals.

C. But the Chicken Tikka Masala was great and the Pakora delicious.

D. I would pick up, but I doubt I would ever dine in again unless it was empty and we could relax and enjoy our meal.

I give Zante's a B+.

A. We did not order the Indian pizza, which is their speciality. Next time.

B. Delivery took over an hour almost an hour and a half.

C. Otherwise - it was all very delicious. :) We got the veggie sampler!
xoxox, Kate :)

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