Friday, July 3, 2009

Ze French Onion Zoupe.

Granted it wasnt a chilly winter evening when I decided I wanted some comfort food in the form of French Onion Soup, though, those are perfect conditions. It was however, a mild San Francisco night when our friend's Paul and Tish invited us over to dinner. I generally leave the cooking to the inviter when going over to someone elses house but on this occasion - Shawn and I decided to come bearing grub! Why? Two reasons:

A. Tish and Paul are new parents - do they have time to cook?

B. Yes - Tish does, she's super woman but I couldnt help myself! Plus this proved to be a simpler recipe than I thought. I also got to use Tisha's kitchen torch!

French Onion Soup with Beer Broth and Gruyere Cheese
2 Onions, chopped. Small.
1 Bottle of Beer (I used a Bourbon Stout from Whole Foods)
2 Cloves of garlic, chopped
Bunch of Thyme
Gruyere Cheese, grated.
Beef Stock
Butter - Salt and Pepper to taste.

I sauteed the onions and garlic in a soup pot with butter (+Salt+Pepper) for about twenty minutes until they were starting to soften and caramelize. After that I added sprigs of thyme (4 branches?) and half a bottle of the Bourbon stout. I let it simmer in the beer for another 20 minutes. Once the onions looked soft it was time to add the beef broth! I let it all simmer for another 15 minutes then put in the fridge overnight.

To assemble, I put 3 croutons in the bottom of the ramekin, topped with soup and cheese - and voila! Doneso.
*Shawn made an amazing side dish to bring with us! He made Twice Baked Potatoes w/ Bacon Cambazola Butter. THEY were TO die FOR.
*Tisha mad delicious peel n' eat shrimp and crabcakes! and the most delicious goat cheese appetizers! Even her own Ice Cream.

*And Paul opened all wine bottles. Very well.


  1. give me the recipe for the potatoes!!! Carbs and cheese = my fave!

  2. Just needed to share with you what I made the other night:
    It was sooo easy and tasted amaaazing. And I made my own creme fraiche!!!