Friday, July 31, 2009

Wa---aaaa---yooooooo. Way-yooooo.

(that was to the tune of Heya by Outkast).

Last night Shawn and I attempted to have a real life date! Unfortunately, due to us both having to work later than we thought and being broke until midnight at pay day - we stuck to sushi ONLY and skipped Harry Potter.

We went to Wayo Sushi Bar on Van Ness in Pacific Heights, as recommended to us by Kris and Darcy.

We got:
Mango Tuna Roll = A+
Seared Yellow Tail with Ponzu Sauce =A+
Spicy Tuna with tobikoFlakes and Avo = C
Scallop Nigiri = A+
Eel & Avo = A+
Salmon & Cream Cheese & Avo = A+
Two glasses of unfiltered Sake = C.*
Total : ONLY $40!

*the sake was actually tasty but I was put off by the way it was presented. But who am I to give a bad score just because of presentation. It just looked like a glass of milk!


Here's an ugly pic of Shawn just for your viewing *laughing* pleasure. :)

1 comment:

  1. A) All that for $40 is SICK.

    B) I also had sushi last night. My order: Dragon Roll, Spicy Yellowtail roll, Avacado salad, A medium dry and fruity Saki (also presented exactly like yours. where are the cute little square cups?) Everything gets an A+ from me!

    C) Nice pic shawn. very sexy.