Monday, September 21, 2009

A Tourist In Your Own Home.

Saturday we had quite the city-centric day. Sometimes it's hard to take the time to really explore new things and step outside of your usual and say Hello, San Francisco! Remember me! I live here. :)

Also, it was like 90 degrees all weekend and how can you sit inside on a day like that?!

First on our list was to hike to Coit Tower in Telegraph Hill. Its one of those places in San Fran that is easily picked out of the sky line but I hadn't been there. The hike was beautiful, lots of steps - and provided excellent views.

Then - so much for burning any calories - Shawn brought me to the most amazing place I've ever been - Giordano Bros in North Beach. I may marry this sand which: Fresh Italian Bread, Hot Cappicola, Provolone, Hand Cut Fries & Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw. Props to Lauren Sherman who is FROM Pittsburgh and knew at the drop of the hat what this sammie was called a Primanti Bros Sammie! This is an SF must eat!

Its almost better than a Moufelatta.

At night we had a nice date night planned with Michael and Natalie. We started off with dinner at this Pagolac, which is a solid Vietnamese Restaurant in the Tenderloin. We stumbled upon this a while ago and hadnt been back since! Let me tell you - everyone had two drinks, we had apps and generously portioned meals for under $20 each! They have a 7 course beef menu I hope I have time to try one day.

After this we saw David Cross's standup at the Warfield, also in the Tenderloin. Many laughs had. Although it still surprises me and creeps me out that he dates Amber Tamblyn. Loves.

We finished the night at a bar ALSO in the Tenderloin called Whiskey Thieves. We met up with Abby and Jim to the night caps and spent the time singing TV theme songs and downing Whiskey & Gingers. :)


  1. The Warfield is not in the Tenderloin

  2. Yep - the tenderloin officially starts 30 feet west of the the Warfield - hopefully no one was too confused on the blog post