Monday, May 16, 2011


Tis the end of the season. No, not the HOLIDAY season, but the TV season! You're just wrapping up and I am gearing up for a summer full of wedding planning, hikes and books. I'm already 2 chapters into Bossypants. We'll also take some time this summer to watch the ever popular Dexter and Friday Night Lights.....if we ever return our Netflix discs from 6 months ago. I'm also excited for the return of Breaking Bad and True Blood, although saddened that Mad Men will not be the show we'll be looking forward to every Sunday. Alas, here's a wrap up of this 2011 season highs & lows:

Workaholics: If you took the camaraderie of Lonely Island and let them smoke weed, then took the obscure immaturity of Derrick Comedy and gave them an amazing dash of douchebaggery you'd have Workaholics. This gem airs on Wednesday nights on Comedy Central and will quickly become a staple in your DVRs diet. Unbelievably relatable, shockingly smart and yet at the same time dumb as shit. Adam Devine is the true star of this trio as the BRO you just love to bits and dont want him to ever change his petulant, overconfident, 13 year old self. Even to get laid. I give this an A+.

Happy Endings. Its a shame that you can have some of the best (new) talent on television and then have the worst (old) talent thus creating a plateau where everyone mashes together into lukewarm predictable comedy. I guess its better than Perfect Couples! I am going to stick with this only slightly above average comedy for the brief moments of brilliance: the Nazi subplot and the true to life Gay plotlines. Hopefully, it will pull a Cougartown and have a sophomore season that shoots for the stars. If you wanted to ask me how to make this comedy better: kill off dead weight Elisha Cuthbert - COMEDY IS NOT YOUR FORTE, showcase Adam Pally's brohemian gay that makes me want to go back to dating gays and give Casey Wilson the Emmy award for awkward smiles.

Pregnant In Heels. You have to first commit to 2 truthes if you want to watch this show: people are fucking crazy and also RICH people are fucking crazier. Once you get past this, I find the show to be pretty entertaining. I myself know I want a family someday but I also am pretty scared at how it will change my life. Now 2 shows on television give me the lovely warm feeling of - if they can do it! I can do it: Teen Mom 2 and Pregnant In Heels! Both completely far ends of the spectrum of wealth, yet somehow have the same competency level. Maybe this is an exploitation of riches, but I dont care - I want to form committees on names and have a fashion show of maternity clothing.

The Killing on AMC. You started out SO strong! You had everything I ever wanted in a show: mystery, dark secrets, drab scenery.....but I guess that only lasts in 2 hour movies. 8 hour miniseries get a little monotonous. I will say however the main actress Mireille Enos (also of Big Love fame) has the uncanny acting chops of the former big hitter Gillian Anderson. The stalwart stares, the ungendered sexuality is really reminiscent of Dana Scully. It's rare women get such good roles that really let them shine.

Some oldies but deserve a mention:

How I Met Your Mother:
Not my favorite this year, honestly. Too serious! I totally forgot, as the name of the show implies, we're waiting to meet the mother. I feel they should have dropped this gimmick years ago in favor of a Ted we'll like. Somehow with all of his futzing and fussing I am beginning to think of him as a douche bag. TV shows are full of flawed heroes and heroins (Felicity, Sex & the City) --- but this light comedy doesnt need a flaw, its needs a romance we can get behind.

Parks & Recreation: Hell yea! I havent seen such amazing sexual tension since........well Adam Scott and Casey on Party Down. Now we have Adam Scott and Amy Poehler to set our hearts back on track and get our private parts all emotional and yearning for true love. The sad part is: I bet it cant last forever. TV show romance never does. I hope P&R lets us enjoy them for at least the next season.

Fringe: I know you thought you were getting cancelled but if Joshua Jackson doesnt come back, I cant say I will. Except, I really will cause thats how I roll.

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