Tuesday, May 10, 2011

COD, are you there? Its me Margaret....

Hello Darling Skittle Kitties -

Its been quite a long fort night since I blogged. Okay like twelve fortnights! Why did we stop using that term? Its essentially a fourteen day span so it would be much more exciting and colorful to use than "two weeks" or "biweekly" - let's bring this back into the vernacular if not just in the name of accuracy.

Anyway to answer your question: why did I stop?

1. Blog Inferiority Complex Type 1.
Its like Herpes Simplex Type 2 only worse. Let's face it! There are a LOT of blogs out there that are better, ones I read everyday, ones that win prizes and make money and I am just not that interesting. Competing was futile. However the writing itch is back! I'm no more interesting than the other blogbums but the creepy crawly writing bug is in my veins and it must get out! Out damn spot! So here I am, hunched over my laptop that wont even get wireless these days - writing.

2. The Oh-So Cliche But Necessary Wedding Diet.
...............and therefore my cooking has been hella boring and there's nothing fatass about my lifestyle right now. I'm talking NO booze, NO snacking, NO fun! Working out everyday and drooling at the thought of a boozy sultry glass of Malbec is the status quo. People kept saying "Just blog about healthy food!" but I am not a nutritional expert and don't feel comfortable putting out "healthy" food where I cant vouch for the nutritional value. Until I reach my goal of losing 30 pounds (1o down suckas!) -I'll be hating all my skinny friends to their faces instead of behind their backs and forcing Shawn to eat sugar free egg whites with lean fish oil cold cut shots.

So I took advantage of a solo night at home while Shawn was at the baseball game and cooked something I've been formulating in ma brain for a while! This recipe is for one so double it to make for you and your friend/hubby/enemy you decided to re-friend/shut in recluse neighbor/has been celeb you know through a friend of a friend.

Are you one of those people who hates seafood? Get over yourself. Or leave more for me, I guess.

Gingered Cod over Garlicky Edamame & Sauteed Chard
1 Cod Fillet
2 tablespoons pureed ginger
Salt & Pepper
Tiny dash of Olive Oil.
Half a lemon, juiced.

3 Mushrooms
1/2 onion
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 head of chard
2 tablespoons of rice wine vinegar
2 tablespoons of soy sauce (Gluten Free for you Meag!)
1/2 cup edamame

Green Onions to garnish.

Step One: Chop your shrooms, onion and garlic and then over medium heat with a little olive oil sautee until soft/browned. Once cooked add your soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. Add in the edamame. Then when youre around 5 minutes away from eating toss in the chard and cover to cook for 3-5 minutes. It should get wilted then you're ready to nosh.

Step Two: Salt the cod (sexy), then spread the ginger all over! salt it and then sear over medium heat so 1 side gets browned, then flip and squeeze the lemon over it once turned. Cook for less than 10 minutes. Cod is a flake FLIRT! If its starting to flake its done.

And thats that.

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