Friday, May 20, 2011

The Weekend of Wiig

I have never had so much Wiig in my life. It was a Kristen Wiigity wiigity wiigity wack weekend and not even on purpose. We started out on Friday going to see Bridesmaids with a ton of friends and it turned out to be just what the movie doctor ordered. I highly recommend the movie and give it an A+ in the categories of: women being funny without being annoying, gross out humor and genuine sentimental romantic comedy that men can actually stomach.

Then we saw Paul. Skip it.

Then we watched Justin Timberlake host SNL with featured player Kristen Wiig! I certainly think this is her day in the sun and she should choose not to return to SNL and really focus on becoming a huge player in the female comedy revolution.

Anyway! now for the cooking..........

When we were in Mexico over a year ago one of the best meals we had was this amazing creation called Tamarind Meatballs. I have been craving them ever since! The only downside was I couldnt ask for a recipe (rude + language barrier) and when I troll the Internet I find almost nothing with those words combined. I also am not positive if Tamarind is actually a mexican flavor but they make candies? It seems more like an Indian flavor. Oh well. It sure was tasty in my recreation. I would even push it further and go all in and not dilute the tamarind paste when I mixed the meatballs or make a sauce to cover the meatballs made of tamarind.

Garlic & Tamarind Meatballs over Corn & Red Onion Succotash
1 pound of lean ground beef
3 garlic cloves, chopped
2 Tablespoons tamarind paste mixed with olive oil
1/2 cup crumbled cotija cheese
1 dash of chipotle powder
Chicken Broth
1 red onion, sliced
2 ears of corn

1 small can of diced tomato

Olive Oil
Dash of Sugar

Step One: Mix the beef, garlic, tamarind paste, cheese and powder together. Salt and pepper to taste! Form into small balls.

Step Two: You can use canned corn but I just bought corn on the cobb and sliced it off the cobb after roasting is - but cook this sucker while the meatballs are getting ready to cook.

Step Three: Sear the meatballs over high heat, browning the outside of all of them
4 minutes on each side. Then add chicken broth until half covered. Simmer til cooked through.

Step Four: In a separate pan, saute the red onions with olive oil, sprinkling JUST a bit of sugar over them. Once soft add in the diced tomato (I drain them and rinse them since I dont like the glop they sit in) --- then add the corn and salt a little then simmer until warm. 6 minutes.

Step Five: Serve meatballs over succotash.

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