Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday Night Bites

I had the pleasure of having some girlfriends over on Friday night, as my good friend Pam was in from Los Angeles to visit her sister Amy - and our mutual friend Jackie came over from the East Bay. Unfortunately, work had been taking its toll on my creative juices so I came up with a menu @ 4pm, shopped at 4:30, prepared til 7 - and everyone came over at 7:30!

Not too shabby if you ask me considering what a success it was. I served:

Homemade Blueberry Ginger Mojitos (though I didnt realize you are supposed to use rum, not vodka in a mojito). I used Darcy's recipe she posted last week as a spring board but cut down on most of the ingredients and hard work to save time and just combined:
*Handful of Blueberry's
*Ginger Ale
* Chopped Mint Sprigs
*Limes & Lemons
*Agave nectar.

Charcuterie consisting of:
Fresh cut figs with cracked pepper.
*The rest of the goat cheese from Oregon.
*Olives from Whole Foods.
Main Course:
*Butternut Squash Lasagna with a fresh Basil Bechamel Sauce.
*Roasted Asparagus with Chili flakes.

*Toasted Coconut and Chocolate covered frozen banana bites.(another spring board from Darcy's blog.)