Monday, August 17, 2009

Other Notable Notes.....

Originally, we were supposed to go camping in the Kern River with our friends from Los Angeles this weekend - but we'd been spreading ourselves pretty thin as it we decided to take advantage of all that rent we pay in San Francisco and stayed in town!

Bullet Points on My Weekend:

1. Golf is hard. After talking to my friend Kevin a few weeks back it really inspired me to finally take up golfing. Shawn suggested we start simple and small and go to the driving range by his old place in Oakland. I was not a natural by any means but I was also not a complete disaster. My body now hurts in ways I never thought possible.....I think I am a ways away from an actual game. but at least I know the difference between irons now.:)

2. Shawn is a great boyfriend! but we all knew that already. After golf on Sunday shawn brought me to Lake Chabot with intentions of going boating, playing backgammon and consuming champagne/food on a sunny afternoon. It was pretty amazing and romantic and just the thing I needed to feel freshly in love again, like it was new new new. The lake was beautiful but even better was the Goat's Gouda, Spicy Salami slices and Almonds from The Noe Valley Cheese Company.

.........but champagne and sun makes me tired. :)

3. District 9 Is Mighty Fine. Oh man so many movies to see lately!

My problem is if I dont see something opening weekend before the rampant critic opinions start permeating my uber impressive brain then I will never go and wait for video and be unimpressed because I should have seen it in the theatre.

I wont give any spoiler alerts but suffice it to say - its refreshing to see something with a very big idea be done so well and on a smaller scale (and not done by Michael Bay). Its what Cloverfield wishes it was. Run dont walk to see this allegorical scary thriller.

4. I made Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes! for Kurnick's bday BBQ in the panhandle. :) I was surprised only one person had heard of them! They are so simple! Just take premade cake mix and fill the cone to brim, bake 20 minutes and frost. Sprinkles, of course help sell the illusion they are ice cream cones....I kind of dont understand why the cone doesnt burn in the oven but who am I to argue?

Also, we saw a dead body there. Yeah. Scary.

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