Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Im Reviewing Your Movie (and maybe some TV)

As most of you know I gave up drinking for 10 days. No, not for Jesus! My doctor said it would help my acid reflux and its pretty positive when youre trying to lose weight and save money. So meh. I was pretty bored this weekend to say the least. My amazing, sweet and supportive boyfriend also gave it up so he's been my partner in the restriction.

That being said - there's been SO much time for TV and MOVIES! had a lot to say about the movies and TV Ive been watching. I guarentee I will offend most of you and you may lose faith in me as a pop culture guide, but this is the chance you take when you have a blog.

Law Abiding Citizen: A-

Youre wondering when this movie came out and if it was even in theatres? It was released in October 2009 and is apparently already on video. Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) plays a former spy whose family has been randomly killed. While on trial, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) strikes a deal so 1 killer goes free and 1 killer gets the death penalty. The rest of the movie is essentially blowing up shit, moral vengeance, mind fucks and a very grey battle between good and evil. Which I actually love!

As far as originality, this movie is tops. I am basing all my reviews on that concept today. I have never seen a movie like this (Im sure there's one out there!) - we paused the movie probably 4 times and looked at each other and said "Where is this movie going?" and I loved being on the ride.

Its not oscar worthy, apparently it wasnt even theatrical release worthy but for a rainy afternoon its better than most movies Ive seen this year and it kept me on my toes. My only gripe was that the entire time I wished Gerard Butler was Russel Crowe.

One Minute To Nine (AKA "Every F*cking Day) - B+: This documentary was shown at last years South By Southwest movie festival and subsequently bought by HBO and shown in their On Demand doc section. It centers around the Maldanado family in 2006 after the mother and son have brutally murdered their abusive patriarch. The doc follows them on their final 4 days before the mother is sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Emotionally its hard to hear the plight of a perpetually abused family and wonder how they couldnt just leave him? But thats not the pov of the movie. Its more to show you how the fallout from a murder can actually be soothing and inspiring and give you hope. I wont give away too much but I recommend seeing this movie. My qualm with it is the scope is too huge to get into one movie and many of my questions were left unanswered.

The Hurt Locker: B-
Holy wow, Kate - the movie winning the most amount of critical acclaim this Oscar season you only gave a B-? Well, to be honest, I wanted to give it a C but I felt it was a disservice to the real people who go out and do this job.

As you know this movie is about soldiers who go out and disarm incredibly fatal bombs in the middle east. Its definitely a subject that deserves more attention and I give the director alot of credit for doing a movie about something so different than most. The subject was entirely original, however, the script and characters were totally predictable. The movie reminded me of Avatar in many ways where you sort of know the next move and how the plot will eventually wrap itself up. The acting was okay, nothing special. I just felt the biggest asset you have in a film like this is the main character: suspense of a bomb blowing up. There was no moment where I really questioned the outcome of a scene.

Crazy Heart: A.

Man these tunes were catchy.

Anyway, Jeff Bridges plays Bad Blake a washed up (once famous) drunken country singer who cant do anything right. Whats that you say? Sounds like The Wrestler? Pretty much, including the abandoned and unforgiving neglected child from his past.
The movie plays out much like you anticipate, he drinks, he fucks up, he tries to repent and love the awkwardly bad reporter (Maggie) - and he ends up on top. The End. I know I said earlier originality was my biggest point in my reviews today but somehow this one, more predictable than the rest gets a good review? Jeff Bridges is intoxicating and amazing.
.......and the tunes are so catchy!

Honorable Mention: Love Colin Farrel as the super famous kenny chesney type. and he sang his own shit. :)

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