Thursday, February 18, 2010

More PresValentine Weekend

We had such a great weekend, and I did a little exploring to new places, myself, so I thought Id treat my San Francisco readers to some reviews (of places I am sure you have already been to).

DOSA (on Valencia) - Continuing on the Gluten-Free tour of SF someone pointed out to me that Dosa was the prefect place! I give this place a for SURE A+. Shawn started with the beet croquettes - that are really good (if you like beets, which I dont but I can still give kudos). Meagan, Jess and I all got the Dosa which is a buckwheat crepe filled with you choice of delicious indian stuffings. I got paneer and peas and the ladies got curried mung beans and potatoes. I will be returning here VERY soon!

Cocoon Day Spa (in Soma) - Admittedly, I have not been to too many nail salons in the city so my judgement could be skewed. Just down the street is Zaza Nails and its more expensive and just not as nice! I loved this place. My pedi was $33 and it lasted over an hour. I felt the women there were super thorough and it was the best job Ive had done in a while. It also didnt hurt that the champagne and strawberry's were flowing as was the girly gossip. If you want something out of the ordinary (as opposed to $19 and your butt slapped as you leave the salon) - I high recommend Cocoon Day Spa.

Flippers Burgers (In Hayes Valley) - Lets just say thank god I was in good company and the sun was shining! Originally trying to get a quick quiche at Tartine (not the one with the line out the door in the Mission) - it was closed! We were forced to wander aimlessly around Hayes Valley looking for sustenance. We decided to take a gamble on Flippers as they advertised endless mimosas and you could sit outside. I would give this place a C. Fat weirdo waiter who never wrote down our order and generally forgettable sausage.


St Francis Winery Food Pairing (in Santa Rosa, CA)

Ive been to the St Francis winery before because its my favorite! Thanks, Nat for the rec. Ive really only been there for the $30 chartucerie but this time of year they only do a food pairing. No, you cant sit outside in the beautiful garden like you can in the summer but you still get to taste 6 wines for $30 along with food which is a steal. My favorite pairing was the braised oxtail which was super nice and fatty and tasted perfect with the zin. Perfection!

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