Thursday, May 13, 2010


Truths about Breaking Bad without being SPOILERS:

*If you avoided this show because it was too much like Weeds (like I did) - you are wrong. Dead wrong. Dont feel bad, tho. I can shame you in other ways, like your DVR list.

*THIS. IS. THE. BEST. SHOW. ON. TELEVISION. (I know, I know, thats a strong statement but its smart, funny, layered, takes risks and is never unfullfilling).

*If you're looking for a show to start over the summer from scratch you can find it on netflix streaming. That is all for now.


Dearest Addicted,

You seem like an old friend of mine from A&E. Its hard to tell - are you related to Intervention? It seems like you are but I could have my family trees wrong. Could you tell your host she's not as sweet as Jeff or caring as Candy? She's even second to Ken.

That being said I appreciate how you follow the addicts through their treatment. Please continue doing that.

Also - stop making San Francisco look like its filled with drug addicts, mmmmkay?

xoxoxo - Kate

Tori & Dean.

Sadly, I think youre over and irrelevant.


But I'll probably keep watching and fast forwarding through boring parts that dont include your kids.

I guess its better than being canceled.

Modern Family
There's this common syndrome that comes with good television where you start to compare yourself to a well known character from tv. The world was FULL of the "Oh! He is such a Ross and she is SUCH a rachel!" and the ever present "I am a Carrie, she is a Samantha"- and you know what?

I am a Cam.


and I love that.

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