Monday, May 24, 2010


This weekend (foodwise) was an up and down roller coaster of awesomeness and epic fails. Lucky for you, I am not above telling people how badly I can suck. And man, I can suck badly.

The drink you see above was my #2 fail for the weekend. I originally wanted to make a Cucumber-Jalapeno Margarita to pair with Shawn's amazing carnitas tacos. Alas, the jalapenos I bought were weeks old and moldy. Secondly, the limes I bought at trader joes were a joke. If limes werent 35cents each Id be writing a strongly worded letter as we speak to one Mr. Trader Joe, Jr. Thirdly, fuck - squeezing real oranges is a lot of work just to get drunk. Oh! And Shawn didnt like that the cucumber made the drunk pulpy. And I put too much Cabo Wabo in it and it was gross. F-A-I-L.

File this one under "A" for Awesome. I feel like the whole city had been to Monks Kettle before Shawn and I decided to try it out and oh me oh my was the chicken sandwhich to die for there. Read: thinly pounded chicken, peppered crispy bacon, brie and an herb aoili - HERB AOLI, FUCK FACE - did you catch that?

Another thing I made this weekend that didnt cost too much and didnt take too much effort was the butchering of roasted plantains. We just peeled them, cut em up - roasted them with olive oil and they tasted like chalk. I dont like wasting food but they went directly into the garbage.

Friday night was a really fun night (that resulted in a bit of a hangover on Saturday am) - we went out for a date night to Luna Park which is where we had our first date in Los Angeles *cue the awwwwws*. It was a nice sexy time and we finished it off with karaoke in Japantown for Natalie's last day of work. I had an amazing salmon with pancetta hash and we finished with a great choco cake with espresso ice cream.

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