Friday, January 8, 2010

5 Things I HateLove

I thought it would be fun to make a comprehensive guide to things I will and wont eat. I think it will be a fun ride full of urmphs and oohs and ahhs and barfs. Mostly so that if you have me over for dinner or something you know how we do.

(this may be an ongoing series)

NO: As most of you know, the Number One on my "Wont Eat List" is CELERY. Just thinking about that crisp crack of watery poison upon my tongue is enough to make me gag. If you're a diner and you put it in your tuna salad - shame on you, you are just trying to gypsy me out of $3. You could add green onion, you could add cucumber but no - you choose the dark meat of veggies.

HELL YES: Any food where peanut butter and banana are star players gets an A+ in my book. I am pretty sure when they selected ambrosia salad as the food of the gods, they had never muddled their palette with melty peanut butter. so melty you cant even pronounce your own name....+ banana and honey? Its like comfort in your mouth.

If I could eat one thing everyday: It would be Chicken Tikka Masala! I know, you're thinking how COULD you eat this everyday? Chances are I couldnt, but maybe a teaspoon of the sauce once a day would become like the new trend in diets and somehow creamy, tomatoey, gingery fatty will be the new skinny.

Favorite Childhood Snack: Admittedly, this was my jam.

I used to work as a camp counselor for 3 or 4 summers and my favorite thing was when kids discarded these from their lunchboxes and they ended up in my gullet!

HATERADE IN A BOTTLE: Can you believe you ever drank this? Just looking at this sicky sweet candy in a bottle brings back memories of sour stomachs and fleeting buzzes. This never really allowed you to get krunked and probably rots your teeth and your insides. After you consume 4, I bet if they took a picture of your insides they would resemble a meth face.

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