Friday, January 29, 2010

King Of Salt.

Sigh. Its been a long week and one that didnt allow for much creation. Between working late, hitting the gym and trying to eat well - its been tough. Shawn had a bright shiny moment I never documented on Tuesday by making me Mulligatawny with Toasted Almonds and that was delicious. For a while I had been meaning to make Chicken Picatta and I bought the ingredients for a Pregnancy Pact Lifetime Movie watching party that was cancelled last minute... I may have a false definition of what that is as I also think its the same thing as Chicken Paillard (which is the best on the earth at Nook in Santa Monica, CA) I just ended up making it for Shawn and I post gym. Oh man oh man it was better than I even anticipated. I love very thinly pounded chicken and to add the saltiest of salty capers and the acidity of lemon is a perfect combination.

Caper, Lemon, Butter & Garlic Chicken
2 breasts of chicken, pounded thinly and cut into 4 pieces.
1 Lemon
1/2 stick of butter
3 Tablespoons of Capers
3 Tablespoons of Caper Juice
3 cloves of garlic, pressed.
1 Teaspoon of flour
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Step One: Once your chicken is pounded thinly salt and pepper it. and sprinkle the chicken with a little flour. Melt 1/4 of the butter in a pan and add the garlic and the capers and caper juice. Once hot enough place chicken in pan.

Step Two: Add lemon juice (just crush it over the cooking chicken) --- flip once - cook for a total of 6-8 minutes per side, making sure to keep tossing the butter, lemon and caper sauce over the chicken to keep it moist. Serve hot with brown rice!

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