Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year, Suckas!

Hello friends. Happy New Year! Shawn and I just returned from a trip back East to Albany and New York City. Unfortunately, I didnt have much time to cook or concoct during the 9 day stay, which is alright by me. My brain needed some relief. I did however make these (above) bacon pops for Christmas Day - although, upon tasting them I would make them smaller and candy the pecans if I made them again.

Recipe can be found here (and yes its the same picture because I forgot to take a picture of the final product!)

Just because I did not concoct doesnt mean I didnt have a lovely culinary experience while in The Empire State. On the contrary! I ate my face off and have vowed to finally get back to my LA weight in 2010. (oy, thats 20 pounds folks). Here were the top 5 highlights:

1. Bloody Marys @ Quigleys in East Greenbush, NY.

Yes, they serve their bloody marys with a slim jim! Delicious. Also they had amazing wings. I had been going to Quigleys on and off for years growing up but never appreciated more than on football sunday.

2. Chili & Eggs @ Main Street Bistro in New Paltz, NY.

My parents were gracious enough to drive Shawn and I halfway to New York City and drop us off in Tarrytown to take the Metro North to the Big Apple. My mother Yelped a great little diner in the college town that was certainly worth 2 thumbs up! I was originally skeptical about beef chili and eggs but it was 11:15 already so I said what the hell.

A+ on the Jalapeno Corn Bread it was served atop!

3. Matzo Ball Soup @ The Carnegie Deli - New York City, NY.

Yes, its a tourist trap. Yes, its tremendously overpriced. True - its not better than my grammas food or even my cousins food (Famous 4th Street Deli in Philly) - but you know what? I still LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!

I much prefer a salty broth and an overwhelming matzoh ball to something more flavorful.

Also, we sat next to some Wisconsinites and that made Shawn happy.

4. The Ricotta Gnocchi @ Flatbush Farm in Brooklyn, NY.

Oh my. What to say about this dream of a dinner? This picture sure doesnt do justice but what does? Lauren (my friend from college) invited Shawn and I along for New Years Eve dinner in her hood and it was just delightful! I havent had good gnocchi in ages. It was fluffy like a cloud and the mushrooms were salty. I also enjoyed an Earl Grey Martini that got me super tipsy and tingled my taste buds for hours.


Okay, so they didnt fill my belly but they filled my heart and thats arguably just as satisfying.

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