Friday, October 23, 2009


So this past Wednesday was out first meeting of the midnight society *cough ahem* sorry I mean Book Club. ( I just always loved the opening to Are You Afraid Of The Dark!) - and what a pleasant night it was. I just loved discussing books we loved, and why we loved them and what they meant to us when we were growing up. Nerd. Alert.

Anyway, we read (<------) The Art Of Racing In The Rain and while this book mostly appealed to the dog owners in the crowd, it was nice way to ease into a book club: simple and short. The theme to the night, seeing as the main character is a race car driver was White Trash! (Note: this was not NASCAR, but Formula 1 which some could argue isnt really WT).

Some of the more memorable dishes were:

*Lindsey made Mountain Dew & Dr. Pepper cupcakes!

*Natalie made puppy chow/rice crispie treats.

*Stephen brought bacon wrapped asparagus which wasnt exactly WT, but delicious.

*Jillian made (gross but addictive) hot dog weenies in grape jelly.

*Squirty cheese from a can was brought! Which is my FUCKING FAVORITE!

*...............and last but not least: Cindy made tuna casserole and daringly brought it over on her scooter.

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  1. Ok 2 very important comments, Kugler:
    1. Midnight Society is awesome and you should name your book club that. You don't have to read scary books or meet at midnight. It could just be a gauge of how cool people are, whether they get the reference or not.
    2. Formula 1 is NOT trashy at all. F1 racing is like BMWs, Ferraris, and most importantly, Mercedes-Benz. Is watching hot millionaires race a $3million car in Monaco from your 128' yacht while drinking champagne WT? I think not, my friend. PS. Mercedes won the season this year. Go us.