Thursday, October 22, 2009

Did You Miss Me?!

I havent been able to blog lately through a combination of working hard for my money at work, being busy with trips and parties, and dilly dallying online for our eventual Mexico trip in March. Waaa waaa, I know right? That being said I've been dying to blog about my trip to Portland! We went with my parents to this wonderful culinary city. I thought it was a good representation of the perfect Pacific Northwest city: slow, genuine and cold.

We also consumed possible 35000 calories each on this trip, so I will list the top 5 things we ate/did there:

1. Voodoo Donuts: Cereal Donut! This had always been a priority on this trip considering its been on every television show from the Food Network to the Travel Channel. I almost gave up due to tiredness of walking 10 miles in one day, but the fighter inside me told me no - keep going on your journey, you can do anything you put your mind to! And it was worth it. TOTALLY A+ material here. Of all the crazy donuts, my dad only ordered a Raspberry Jelly Donut. Oh dad!

2. Davis Street Tavern: TIE! Indian Lamb Burger & Cornmeal Crusted Fish Tacos!

and my oh my was David Street Tavern the shiz. In the Kugler family we have a tradition of

getting overtired, out of our element and seeking sustenance over snotty comments and apathy. Nothing has changed in 27 years. We still get to the point of crabbiness when we havent had something to fill our bellies and have to resort to Wendys over a 5 star meal - but this time we were lucky enough to literally wander into a normally over priced gourmet establishment and order from their reasonably priced pub menu. Shawn and my father ordered the mint chutney lamb burger with homemade raiti sauce, picked peppers and mint chutney and I ordered the cornmeal crusted fish tacos.

3. Portland City Grill. It wasnt so much the food or drink because we simply ord
ered Stella's on tap and catch the first part of the Yankee game but we did heed some friendly advice in taking a drink on the 30th floor of the Portland City Grill which had some truly amazing vistas of the city on a sunny day.

4. Along this running theme of starting out thinking you're doing one thing and then doing another by chance - we had driven to the other side of the river with plans to go to a highly rated foodie/tapas place but the wait was an hour and 45 minutes! It did dash some of my hopes for a Bourdain-ian experience but once I adjusted to my immediate future - we went across the street to the Russell Street Barbque. We had the absolute most amazing pork ribs I've had since Outer Banks in North Carolina! Also on the menu was the cream cheese/pimento dip. Delish!


5. And lastly.....but most importantly......was breakfast. The most important meal of the day and worth the wait on this blustering fall morning. When doing some yelping of the perfect place for our last morning Shawn said: "Southern food or Swedish food?" and we all took a second, puzzled - Swedish breakfast?! Wow. This was a must - Broder. I am just a sucker for visually stunning assortments of well cooked food and that was everything this place was about - a nosh here, a nosh there...

I ordered the Trout Hash & Eggs. Amaze-balls.

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