Friday, October 30, 2009

Ode To Healthyca.

Often times I wouldnt put salads in the category of "cooking". Its really just having an eye for combining existing culinary elements. I live in San Francisco but my heart still yearns for all the lovely salads I ate while working at Warner Bros Records in Burbank. I am overwhelmed thinking of all my options! Mos! Healthyca! California Chicken Cafe! Oh My! Oh, my skinny minnie days.

After the gym I was determined to recreate one of my most ordered salads from Healthyca (a macrobiotic join in Noho) - "The Mediterranean Soy"with edamame, albacore tuna, grilled tofu, celery, grilled corn, tomatoes, carrots, garlic croutons, cucumber on bed of greens. I always ordered the lemon olive oil dressing....sigh...memories.

This makes me think of my old coworker Kathleen Philpott who worked with me at WBR, rest her soul. We shared that salad twice a week before she passed away. Memories.

I guess i forgot the corn and you know I despise celery....and carrots are kind of just filler :) so I added avacado! but I did throw some tuna and parsley and white wine vinegar (+mayo) to make the tuna topper.

Ingredients, Toss together!
1 Honey Sesame Baked Tofu (from Safeway).
1 Avocado
1 Can of Tuna (mixed with parsley & mayo & white wine vinegar)
Mixed Greens
Cold unshelled Edamame
Cucumber Shavings

Sigh. How I miss thee Healthyca!

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