Tuesday, November 24, 2009

4th Annual Tapas & Trivia!

<------------- this picture represents alot about Saturday night, as my good friends (besties Jenny & Aaron) drove up from Los Angeles to surprise me! Heart beats, heart stops, gushing. It was a fantastic thought and I felt super loved. I love love! Of course they swept in and ended up winning the whole shebang on team "Full Metal Nutsack". There were oh so many surprises on Saturday night as well - but the rest were all culinary. I have listed a few of my favorites -

1. Shawns homemade Country Ham & Cheddar stuffed pretzels. The amount of work he put into these was astonishing. I was jealous at his patience and idea....kudos.

2. Erin and Josh brought these adorable little hollowed out pumpkins to serve butternut squash soup with - and even topped it with homemade toasted pumpkin seeds. A for effort!

3. Espresso Cream Cheese Brownie Bites! (all. shawn.).

4. My own (tooting horn, thanks!) Pancetta Chicken Meatballs with Saffron Aoili. This was modified from a Smitten Kitchen recipe for baked meatballs but I added the pancetta and kicked ass!

5. Michael's not pictured) lamb lettuce and tzatiki rollups. I am on Team Lamb these days. (+nats spiced chickpeas!)

6. Darcy's Vegan Sherry Sesame cookies.

7. I tried to recreate a drink I love at Ramblas - a basil and lemonade vodka drink - yum!

In a pitcher combine 3 cups vodka, 3 lemons + their juice, simple syrup and 3 bunches of basil. Refrigerate for 3 hours, then when guests arrive - pour in 2 bottles of lemon sparkling water. Serve over ice!
I'd say my only fails this time around were: no one really ate the sage shortbread i made (taken from a friends olive oil blog) and the plantain chips should have been served HOT and did not really survive the day and got soggy.

I just wanted to thank every one for attending - Team Jihad, The Rod Beldings, 8675309 , Team Titty Fuck and Hold Me Closer Tony Danza. I love that all your support will make a next year be year 5!

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