Thursday, November 12, 2009


If you look closer at the human experience, I think you will find sometimes there is the same pleasure in watching someone succeed as watching someone fail. I'm not saying you want your friend not to pass the bar, or your neighbor to take a dive off his bicycle handle bars and eat shit -but the mere existence of failure can sometimes be motivation to do better and to feel like its not just you that can be borderline incompetent.

This is why I share with you an EPIC fail. I hope you laugh at me secretly behind my back, smugly profess you would never fail this large and maybe, just maybe - learn from my mistakes.

A close friend of mine was just recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease so I decided I would whip up a batch of Vegan/Gluten Free Choco Chip Cookies to send to her. Then I realized the next night we were going to Kris & Darcy's for dinner - so I could kill two birds with one stone! Half to my friend, half to a vegan. And.....what.....transpired, my friends ,was chalky cookie soup. Indigestible by even my enemies! I guess I'll take the curiosity of where I went wrong to the grave....but I hope this never happens again. Never again.


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