Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paso Robles, The OTHER Wine Country.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity (or create it, really) to meet some of my bestest friends in Paso Robles this past weekend for some wine tasting. Its the natural mid point between San Francisco and Los Angeles so Jackie and I darted down and Pamela and Meagan swept up the coast. Beautiful drive down the 101 past the foliage and grape vines that are turning colors and listening to This American Life. A girl cant ask for more!

Upon arrival, our first tasting was at Four Vines on 46 West. We tasted a lot of Syrah's and some Zinfandel's. I am a huge fan of reds and have sometimes little patience for whites so this trip was good for me. Although, I''ll admit we tasted a nice white chardonnay here. Crisp. Appley.

Another PRO for this tasting was we got a free glass! I wouldnt buy a bottle from here - OR return - but I did have a pleasant experience.

Now for our second tasting we went to Linne Calodo which was one of those tastings which reminds you how shitty most of the wines you get at restaurants are and how if you had all the money in the world you'd buy nice wine. :)

But alas, thats not the reality. I highly recommend this winery tasting if you're also interested in a modern, country - minimalist architecture. It was both a sight to see and a grape you shouldnt miss, particularly the 2007 Problem Child which was 72% Zin and the rest Syrah. Like a dream come true!

Afterwards in true fashion we put on our pajamas, ordered Chinese food - watched the TERRIBLE UGLY TRUTH - took a hot tub and passed out! It was such a fun weekend!

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