Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You should see UP.

It was sad.
It was happy.
It was funny.
It was colorful.
It was funniful.
It was for all ages.
It can be 3D depending on where you see it.
It was adventureful.
It was inspiring.
It was old timey.
It was agist.
It was not racist.
It was musically.
It was romantic.
It had adult themes. No nudity.
It was not as scary as The Lion King.

Please note - I barely watched it in 3D because those glasses irritated my nose but it didnt make it any less fun! Also, please see it at The Castro Theatre in San Francisco if you can because there is a lovely old man who plays the organ before the show and he does a stellar rendition of Part Of Your World.

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