Monday, June 8, 2009

Boston Baked Dreams.

What a whirlwind East Coast trip I just had! I flew into Boston on Thursday morning and hung out in Albany for 24 hours. Highlights of my trip:

*Saw a dear friend who needed a hug more than anything! We cooked and made a summer salad of fresh mozzarella/pan fried polenta cakes/roasted eggplant and tomatoes with a white vinegar olive oil drizzle. We sat on our deck and I got 15 bug bites.

*Saw my brother and his gf at Alive @ 5 where I fully realized I am 27 and will never be 22 again. Ah, life - partying in the streets to Blues Traveler is for the youth.

*Spent a few hours sunning in the Boston Common reading a $1 store purchase my mother gave me from 2004 - Food & Wine Magazine's Best Of The Year. God-damn the East Coast is charming when its spring. :)

*Hung out with all my best girlfriends from college (the ponies!) and we had Upper Crust Pizza from Beacon Hill (measured up to my memory) and ate at Charley's (which did NOT measure up to my memory). We also had scorpion bowls from Shangri-la, which were too sweet but delightful.


  1. Awwwww I wish I could have been there!!!! I missed Upper Crust and Scorpion Bowls!!!! And my ponies:-(