Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crock Pots Are Kind Of A Crock

Last night I attempted to make a simple crock pot delight for Shawn as he was very stressed out from working late and I had eaten shit all weekend in Boston. What better to sooth both our souls and our stomachs than home cooked Spicy Italian Sausage & Onions with Fresh Basil over Wheat Pasta?

For 1 - crock pots take FOOOOOOORREEEEVVVVERRRRR. Yes, I know. thats the point, but my patience got the best of me. (Disclaimer: if you know me, you know I have ZERO patience to begin with. I want an OOOMPAAA LOOOMPAAA NOW DADDYYY! NOW!) --- so ten minutes before Shawn gets home I transfer to a pan - and voila...I am done.

1 Bottle of premade pasta sauce.
1 Bunch of Fresh Basil chopped in food processor.
4 Spicy Italian Sausages (cut up)
2 Yellow Onions
1 bag Wheat Pasta
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Fresh Romano Cheese To Sprinkle

How To: theoretically --- throw it all in a crock pot.


  1. the crock pot would have worked - you just would have had to have started it at 1pm

  2. I agree that they are a crock. I can't deal with assembling dinner before work. Most of the recipes for crock pots suck ass too.